Luxury stay with a touch of french architecture. Great place for team events .We offer events and meetings tailored to your needs with convienient facilities and service. Best event venue in Coimbatore .

Lawn Wedding

Best outdoor wedding in Coimbatore .You can accomodate with 1500 guest. Hill side resort will give you a pleasing feel and plesant ssurrounding.

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Farm Stay and Picnic Spot

Perfect gateways for those who like to experience a holiday with family and friends .




Birthday, Anniversary , Bachelorette Parties

Craft your own parties with French Town . Rounded up the best party ideas for every kind with exciting activities.

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Corporate Events

Delivering an interractive and professional way to held up any business or corporate event .

Festive Celebration

We are here to make your festive celebration more speacial .

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Pre and Post Wedding Shoot

Are you looking for an outdoor photography ?? No wait click your wedding moments 

Weekend Night Parties , DJ Parties

Weekend Experience is undoubtedly the best yet, though.We have put together a handful of the best to look for a cool and fun night out in Coimbatore.

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